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Cryptofinity is a Total Solution Provider for Initial Currency Offerings (Initial Coin Offerings) as well as Security Token Offerings (STO). We will provide eveything from Feasibility Study, Private Placement, Total Systems Development, Marketing, Legal and Compliance Services for Utility as well as Security Tokens with full compliance suite in European and Asian Jurisdictions


Development of Smart Contracts for any requirement. Inluding, financial, manufacturing, HR, Legal, Industrial and other custom development work.  We provide total integration of Smart Contracts for existing business processes as well as IT Systems.


Development and delivery of customized Cryptocurrency exchanges and related services, including, domicile, incorporation, licensing and compliance for Crypto to Crypto Exchanges as well as Crypto to Fiat exchanges.


Private and Public Blockchain development. We provide solutions based on Public Blockchain, implementation and maintenance of Private Blockchain, Mining Solutions, Cloud MIning and Low Energy Blockchain Solutions for Enterprises.

Research and development

Why Us?

We have invested significantly over the years into Blockchain, Cryptocyrrency and related R&D.
Our R&D Experiences combined with the real world customer experiences uniquely position us to deliver best possible solutions.

human factor

Why You?

Our first and foremost effort is to understand what drives you and how to to use our expertise to engineer solutions for your need. We don’t sell software or services. We offer solutions to help you be more effective in what you do.

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Drop us a note to discuss further details of your requirement.

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